Call for abstracts for EGU General Assembly 2024

Join us at the EGU General Assembly 2024 on April 14–19, 2024. It takes place in Vienna, Austria and online. The conference is hosted by the European Geosciences Union (EGU). At this conference, the global geoscience community meets for a comprehensive exploration of Earth, planetary, and space sciences. The event offers a dynamic platform for scientists of all geoscience disciplines, especially early career researchers, to showcase their research, engage in discussions, and connect with experts.

Conference themes

Conference sessions will include a broad range of topics from different disciplines, e.g. atmospheric sciences, biogeosciences, geodynamics, and ocean sciences.

Specifically, in the sessions on soil system sciences, the conference offers a diverse range of topics covering soil science from historical perspectives and educational aspects to topics such as erosion, conservation, biology, chemistry, physics, pollution, and the intersection of soils with environment, ecosystems, forestry, agriculture, metrics, informatics, statistics, models, and policy. Find more info on the specific sessions here.



María José Carpio Espinosa, Magdalena Frąc and Shamina Imran Pathan from the LEGUMINOSE team will chair the session on “Harmonizing soil biodiversity, productivity, and climate resilience: exploring innovative approaches to sustainable agriculture systems“. This conference session will explore the intricate relationship between soil biodiversity, agro-ecological methods, and cutting-edge tools, aiming to reconcile the pursuit of increased agricultural productivity with environmental sustainability in the face of climate change and growing global food demands.

The EGU General Assembly is an opportunity to present your work, exchange ideas, and delve into the latest advancements in geoscience.

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