Osiny, PL

The research field in Poland is located in the Experimental Station of the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation–State Research Institute in Osiny, near Puławy in the Lublin province. The research field site was established in 1994 and is managed by our Polish partners at IAPAS.

Pedo-climatic zone

  • Sandy loam
  • Humid continental


Spring wheat intercropped with clover and grasses (organic farming), spring wheat intercropped with clover (integrated farming) and spring wheat (conventional farming).

Intercrop configuration: undersown (alternate row)

Parameters that will be measured

  • Crop yield (quantity and quality)
  • Soil physico-chemical properties
  • Enzyme activity of important nutrient cycles (nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon)
  • Microbial community composition and functional diversity