Cesa Estate, IT

This newly established research field in Italy was set up in October 2022 in the experimental farm Tenuta di Cesa of the Terre Regionali Toscane, in Marciano della Chiana, Province of Arezzo, Italy. It is managed by our Italian partners at TRT.

Pedo-climatic zone

  • Clay
  • Mediterranean


Soft wheat intercropped with clover (in rotation with sorghum) under normal (100%) and reduced nitrogen fertilization (70%).

Intercropping configuration: Relay intercropping with additive design

Parameters that will be measured

  • Crop yield (quantity and quality)
  • Soil physico-chemical properties
  • Enzyme activity of important nutrient cycles (nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon)
  • Microbial community composition and functional diversity
  • Greenhouse gas emissions