Call for abstracts for soil science conference

The Centennial Celebration and Congress of the International Union of Soil Sciences is an interesting soil science conference taking place in Florence, Italy on May 19-21, 2024.

Conference themes

The conference covers topics such as sustainable soil health, soil in the digital era, soil governance, circular economy and more. The event allows to connect with experts and other soil scientists. 

The conference will explore seven different themes:

  • Soil health in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Soil health is pivotal for meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), influencing hunger, health, water, consumption, climate action, and land life targets.
  • Soil governance: Governing the soil demands collaboration across global, national, and local levels, shaping policies for sustainable agriculture, food security, and ecosystem services.
  • Soil in the circular economy: Soil’s role in the circular economy, akin to water, focuses on recovery and reuse for future resource provision and efficient biogeochemical cycles.
  • Soil sciences impact on basic knowledge: Interdisciplinary expertise spanning chemistry, physics, atmospheric science, soil science, biology, natural history, and ecology is indispensable to comprehend soil’s pivotal role in regulating greenhouse gases, curbing nutrient export from agricultural land, managing pests, and fostering biodiversity.
  • Soil in the digital era: Soil information technology supports research in pedology, landscape modelling, natural resources management, carbon storage, and precision farming, addressing the growing demand for soil information in diverse fields.
  • Soil and humanity: Soils underpin most ecosystem services, necessitating soil science to be integrated in education and public awareness to harness the functions soils provide for sustainable and liveable cities, human health, and societal well-being.
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusivity in soil sciences: Addressing cultural and social constraints, this theme explores the vital role of women in sustainable soil management, promoting inclusivity and diversity in soil science leadership and recognising local knowledge as a tool for sustainable soil management.

For more information on the confecence in general, visit the event website.


The LEGUMINOSE partners Shamina Imran Pathan, Norman Gentsch and Giacomo Pietramellara will chair a session on “Optimization of plant-soil-microbe interaction under crop diversification”. This session examines the impact of diversification strategies such as cover cropping and intercropping on soil health, microbial communities, and plant health. It aims to understand how these practices optimize plant-soil feedback, promoting sustainable agriculture with enhanced productivity and reduced environmental impact. Find more information on the session here.

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