Sustainable agriculture practises in the EU

With a burgeoning global population, the need to feed billions while preserving our environment has never been more urgent. Sustainable agriculture practices offer a way to nourish the world while safeguarding our planet’s future.

By promoting the age-old technique of legume-cereal intercropping, LEGUMINOSE is pioneering a path to more environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture. LEGUMINOSE aims to equip farmers with the tools needed to embrace sustainable farming.

Recently, our team had the opportunity to share insights in an article published in Earth.Org. In this article, two members of Team LEGUMINOSE – Shamina Imran Pathan and Norman Gentsch – shed light on the benefits of legume-cereal intercropping and our efforts to make it a mainstream practice in the EU. The article covers:

  • Benefits of legume-cereal intercropping such as a reduced need for fertilizers
  • Potential barriers to intercropping
  • The importance of on-farm living labs in enhancing farmers’ acceptance of intercropping
  • Artificial intelligence-based tools for farmers to select the most suitable crop combination for their needs.

“With LEGUMINOSE, we’re really going to understand how we can have more resilient agricultural production systems.”

Norman Gentsch

Explore the transformative power of legume-cereal intercropping and discover how traditional wisdom and modern innovation can shape the farming practices of tomorrow. To learn more: