On-farm living labs: How to participate in research on intercropping

Passionate or curious about sustainable agriculture and wanting to get involved? On-farm living labs provide an opportunity!

LEGUMINOSE will research intercropping in different countries and pedo-climatic zones, specifically looking at the benefits, challenges and impact of legumes grown with cereals. We want to understand the impact of different practices in real conditions. To do so, the project will involve on-farm living labs. These provide an opportunity for farmers to get involved and have a key role leading the research on farm.

Curious to learn more? Watch the recording of our virtual breakfast kick off meeting, where our UK partners from the Soil Association and the University of Reading introduced the LEGUMINOSE project with special focus on the on-farm living labs.

The webinar focused on:

    • what we hope to achieve from the project in general
    • what living labs are and why we are choosing them as research tools, and
    • an open invite for farmers to join the project through living labs to identify the obstacles to intercropping and enhance farmers’ uptake of it by sharing knowledge and ideas