Intercropping: a beacon of hope for sustainable agriculture

Following a political backlash against the European Commission’s recent plans for more sustainable farming, intercropping is emerging as a beacon of hope for sustainable agriculture in Europe. 

"Intercropping can help change the narrative that farming is the enemy of the environment."
Antonella Rossetti
Senior Advisor at Farm Europe

Growing two or more crops in the same field at the same time has the potential to reconcile economic interests and environmental sustainability, offering benefits like improved soil health, reduced reliance on agrochemicals, and new revenue streams for farmers. A recent article in Illuminem, featuring our LEGUMINOSE project, sheds light on how intercropping is reshaping discussions on sustainable agriculture, offering hope for economic and environmental harmony.

The article covers:

  • our stakeholder-centric approach,
  • first research findings from our project, and
  • the development of policy recommendations to address the barriers of adopting intercropping in the EU.

Explore our innovative approach, involving “on-farm living labs” and collaboration with farmers, yielding practical insights and informing sustainable policy recommendations.